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Les Vins de Pays Lot-et-Garonne

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Lot-et-Garonne has one of the oldest French vineyards. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages and Gallo-Roman times . The climate of moderate oceanic influence, rather dry in summer and during the harvest period, generously bathed in sun favors the development of vines which are at ease in the old silts of rivers and calcareous and clayey soils.

The Vin de Pays du Lot-et-Garonne comes from a wide variety of grape varieties , it is mainly found in red , but the rosés and whites are also very appreciable. The Vins de Pays are interesting in Lot-et-Garonne because they are made by wine growers passionate about their land and by the grape varieties which are most correlated with climatic and geological particularities. The Vin de Pays du Lot-et-Garonne, which is also appreciated for export for its good quality / pleasure / price ratio , allows winemakers (thanks to its specifications guaranteeing quality but less restrictive than AOC ) express all the richness of their terroir by blending grape varieties to seek finesse and an assertive character , which goes very well with Gasconne gastronomy ! Everyone will enjoy Lot-et-Garonne wines with duck confit, apple crisp, good foie gras or a very ripe local tomato salad in summer!