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The Vineyard Of Bergerac Duras

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Wines of Bergerac and Duras

A terroir and men

The wines of Duras have joined Wines of Bergerac and Duras, in a concern of putting forward the continuity of the landscapes and the soil of these wines of character. This great vineyard of the south-west of France, cousin of Bordeaux expresses all the conviviality and the know-how of the Lot-et-Garonne and the neighboring Dordogne. In Lot-et-Garonne, wine is a companion to our beloved south-west gastronomy and Duras wines are there to sublimate it.

The terroir rests on morning and fluvial sediments, composed of agiles on the lower region of the territory and molasses, more calcareous and clay-limestone on the heights.

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The vineyard of Duras, its history

The vineyards of Duras flourish in beautiful landscapes. It is carried by artisan winemakers, small structures that are committed to promoting Gascon know-how and the taste of good things. In the distance, the Château des Ducs de Duras watches over this terroir and this limestone land which gives its subtleties to the wines of Duras.

It is estimated the birth of the vineyard at the end of the 2nd century, that is to say if it fills the palace of the Men since centuries. It is towards the end of the XIIIth century, that the Lordship of Duras carries the colors of the wines of the region and makes radiate their prestige. During the 100 years war, the bottles of these wines even crossed the Channel, to go flatter the taste buds of the course of England, with a lot of success!

At the beginning of the 16th century, François 1er sang the praises of our terroir and even encouraged its extension, with the planting of new vines! 1865 is the year of the vine phylloxera, a pest that will devastate vineyards in Europe and around the world. It is in the United States that resistant rootstocks are developed, still used today to ensure the renewal and continuity of our vineyard.

In 1924, it was the birth of the Foundation of the Syndicat de Defense des Vins of the Canton of Duras. In 1937, the Côte de Duras appellation of origin made its appearance to guarantee a homogeneity of the practices and the quality of our wines. And finally since 2014, the IVBD (Inter-profession of Wines of Bergerac Duras) was born to merge the vineyard of Duras with that of Bergeracois. A beautiful story that is not ready to stop!

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Our wines and their particularities

The Côtes de Duras appellation offers red, rosé, mellow and dry wines.

  • Concerning the Côtes de Duras Rouges, the Merlot grape variety offers roundness in the mouth and Cabernets (Franc and Sauvignon), tannins that give power behind the mouth. Choose wines aged in oak barrels to find this authentic "solid" feeling.
  • The Côte de Duras Rosé is pleasant on the palate, it is fruity. Coming from blending, it is a wine that offers refreshing notes, perfect to accompany your light and summer meals.
  • The Côte de Duras Moelleux from Sémillon and sometimes Muscadelle, are fleeed, sweetly and lightly on aromas of candied fruit. You can also find sweet wines, which some winegrowers like to create, thanks to the rich aromatic palette, white grape varieties of our region. Why not try them as an aperitif or with a good foie gras from Lot-et-Garonne?
  • Duras Côtes de Duras is amazing and often wins with those who taste them. They come in two versions, depending on whether you like it dry and fruity or dry with a touch of roundness at the end of tasting. Of course, you will enjoy them with shellfish and why not in cocktails?

The House of Wines of Duras

To learn more about the wines of Bergerac Duras, we recommend you to visit the House of Wines of Duras, which is at the foot of the castle. It is open all year long and promises a nice discovery of this daring vineyard.

Click to organize wine tourism tours in the vineyard.

You will find a discovery trail for adults, but also thought for the little ones (so that adults have time to enjoy!) Discover the world of the vineyard through fun and participative museography. The visit continues in the garden, landscaped by local winemakers. In summer, you can participate in tastings. There is a shop open all year to taste, compare and choose. Count 40 minutes of visit.

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