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Val de Garonne / Gascogne

King of the strawberry, tomato and asparagus, Val de Garonne, is primarily an area for vegetable growing in this region. Here, the Garonne River increasing in size at the junction with the Lot River before joining the Gironde estuary, provides rich agricultural land. The visitor can enjoy wandering along the riverbanks or the canal by foot or by bike. The town of Marmande, created by Richard the Lionheart in 1182, is the third largest town of the Lot and Garonne. Tonneins, another large town, lies to the west of Marmande and the east of Agen. Casteljaloux can be found on the borders of Les Landes.

Val de Garonne Gascogne

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Marmande 'the beautiful' is the vegetable capital of the area and credits its wealth and quiet atmosphere to the gift of nature - the Garonne meadow which surrounds Marmande. The town is located equidistant between Bordeaux and Agen. Marmande is the tomato capital. It also has a beautiful park and lovely squares you can wander round in the town centre. It is also a place which has many cultural events during the high season. 

Marmande @ JackF Adobe Stock

Tonneins is also located on the banks of the Garonne River. Since 1726 the manufacture of tobacco by royal command has taken place here. Tobacco is another famous product of the region. You can discover the Val de Garonne by “Gabare”. The Gabares are traditional wooden flat-bottomed boats, the design of which has been used for transporting goods along rivers for many centuries. Fourques sur Garonne has Gabare trips for tourists. In Tonneins you can have a pleasant walk along the banks of the Garonne River. The town is also a great centre for water sports…

In Gontaud de Nogaret, you can visit a former priory with its 13th century façade and the old wooden market hall at the centre of town.

Make a short stop in Mas d’Agenais, a former Roman city where Vénus du Mas was discovered during some archaeological digs. The statue is now exhibited in Agen. Go into St Vincent Church and see a masterpiece of Rembrandt's painted in 1631…

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In Couthures sur Garonne, you will discover “Fous de Garonne”, a 3D film-show which recounts in a moving way the life of the people here, subject to the vagaries of the river which accompany their daily life. A pleasant place for a walk, an educational and original visit, which will please the whole family.

Finally, at the border of the Landes forests and the Garonne Valley, you can stop in Casteljaloux, a tourist attraction with sport and leisure activities and campsites. Here everything is organised around 'green tourism'. With the influence of nearby Landes, Casteljaloux is also very busy during the high season. The Gascony cadets headquarters is located here. Many events are organised, including a feria (fair) in August…

Casteljaloux et son atmosphère landaise @ AdobeStock Frederic.M-
Casteljaloux  @ AdobeStock Frederic.M-

focus on the Cave du Marmandais

The Cave du Marmandais is a winegrowers' cooperative that brings together a hundred or so member winegrowers to produce wines of character from the South West. Men and women committed to cultivating a generous vineyard in this rich, prosperous part of the Lot-et-Garonne.


La Cave du Marmandais

Members of the Cave du Marmandais. Photo © La Cave du Marmandais


The vineyard, which is located at the gates of the town of Marmande, is not necessarily distinguished by its size, but by the know-how of its winegrowers and winemakers. The Cave du Marmandais represents 95% of the Côtes du Marmandais appellation, which produces red, white and rosé wines and works with several grape varieties. It is also through its values that this appellation has made a name for itself, highlighting environmental responsibility in a profession where the reasoned cultivation of the land is more than just an issue, it is an imperative, since the well-being of the vines is directly linked to the quality of the final product: the wine. The Cave du Marmandais has just been awarded the label Vignerons Engagés and RSE (Corporate Social Responsibility) Confirmed.  To discover these wines, go to the 2 shops, in the communes of Cocumont and Beaupuy. Please note that the wineries offer original wine tours of the vineyard, for example in a Volkswagen combi, a very nice experience and an opportunity to discover the heritage and the vineyard in an unusual way.  Visit their website to find out more.

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