Pays de Lauzun : ready, steady... strolling time !

Between Marmande and Bergerac, there is a location that you may like : the Pays de Lauzun. It is an attractive destination with lots of things to discover : heritage, gastronomy and beautiful natural areas. If you are looking for a laid-back and easy going holiday, it is the ideal location ! Nestled against the Dordogne region, near the Gironde, the Pays de Lauzun has character : the Dropt River and Dourdenne Rivers are its riches and the Guyenne region its ancestral roots. The Pays de Lauzun is a friendly place, like its inhabitants. Come with me and let’s wander around together !

Pays de Lauzun’s towns and villages : the must see !

From village to village, discover a simple, discrete but truly authentic heritage. Here, each village has its little stories, its cute little corners. To discover the Pays de Lauzun, you need a car and time to stop for wandering leisurely and absorbing the characteristic ambiance of these rural and friendly lands. To start with, you have 3 Tourist Offices, where you can find all the necessary information for your peregrinations : Miramont-de-Guyenne, Lauzun and Allemans-du-Drop.

I start my tour in Lauzun, the « colline aux alouettes » (the hill’s larks), an ancient Celtic fortified town (oppidum), carry on towards the Duc de Lauzun and you can visit the Lauzun Castle, a listed Renaissance style building. Wander in town to see the market place and the corbel arch houses. Go up to the Saint-Etienne Church and raise your eyes to see the original «caryatid house», feminine sculptures entwined between the house windows at the first floor. The market takes place all year round on Saturday mornings and fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the Lauzun Lake, which is also very pleasant for a walk.

Le Château de Lauzun

Lauzun Castle

L'église de Lauzun

Lauzun Church

I carry on with my car, further south to Saint-Colomb-de-Lauzun which is only few kilometres away and is a peaceful stopover. It is a village of orchards, where many prune trees, produce the famous prune of the Lot-&-Garonne. I regret to not have taken my bike ! Here, there are 40km of lovely accessible communal paths… Not everything can be done in one go so that will be for next time. In the village, pass by the Saint-Colomban Church, the lovely Naudis dovecote close to the Town Hall, the cast iron gazebo. At approximately 6km, there is the Graoussettes Lake and a beautiful walk of approximately 3 km to do around the lake. It is lovely, with blue waters, paths in the woods and sometimes fishermen on the water edges. Click here for more information on the hiking path !



I head then towards Miramont-de-Guyenne and on my way, I stop in Lavergne. In this village, there are several streams and previously, water mills were erected on their watercourse. You can see the one in Joncadis. On the Dourdenne River, there are also 4 small damns. Not far from Lavergne, there is the Lake of the Saut du Loup. It is a large natural area of 40 hectares with a 12 hectares lake, a picnic area and a playground for the children. The perfect place for a great afternoon ! During summer, it is a famous holiday place ; there are holiday accommodations with sport activities such as horse riding. All year, it is a pleasant place to visit, especially on a sunny day with the surrounding vegetation…

Le lac du Saut du Loup

Lake of Saut du Loup

I arrive in Miramont-de-Guyenne, the heart of the Pays de Lauzun. It is a bastide, with the traditional checkerboard plan, perpendicular streets and the arcade square in its centre. The market takes place on Monday. Wander in town and have fun watching the old printed photos on the walls, which help you guess the various modifications of the town on the « circuit of the alleys». Visit the Sainte-Marie Church and its lovely colourful stained windows, note that the blue used was specially created by the artist « the blue of Miramont ». If you stay one evening or more in Miramont, there is a show room and a cinema, the Jean-Claude Castagnet Cultural Centre.

  • If you are with teenagers, go for a surprising adventure… An escape game… Locked in a room, you must resolve mysteries to go out before the deadline… A Bastid’Escape !



We carry on our adventure, by going down the Dourdenne River, and meet up with the Dropt River. On the way, we stop in Roumagne, a rural commune with a Basque Country’s touch. Bring your pelota to play on the beautiful red “fronton” wall of the village !

In Sauvetat-du-Dropt, there is a beautiful medieval bridge, with 23 arches all in stones. The modern technology enthusiasts can visit the town thanks to their smartphone, by scanning QR codes (12 in total). It is a 1.2 km circuit that you can also do without a smartphone by asking for the flier at the Tourist Offices, in shops or restaurants around.

  • Do you like canoeing ?During summer, you can rent some in La-Sauvetat-du-Dropt, but you can also contact them off-season !

La Sauvetat-du-Dropt


We carry on towards Allemans-du-Dropt and this is my last stopover… A very beautiful village, sunny and quiet. Crossed by the river of the same name, on which a mill once stood. Discover the castle and its tower, listed historic monument, once accompanied with 3 other similar. Walk around this charming village to see the wooden covered market, the dovecot and the washhouses. During summer, there are guided visits every Tuesday morning, but the rest of the year, you can ask, like in other villages, for story tellers (check with the Tourist Office, €3 per person) : local people do the tours telling many anecdotes that only local living there can know… In the Sainte-Europe Church, you can see priceless restored and coloured 15th century murals. For children, there is also the Terra Aventura circuit, to carry on the search of the Poïz (character badges)…

  • Do you need accommodation ? We recommend Le Chai de Lafaurie, a great address with a swimming pool !
  • Do you prefer camping ? Few kilometres away in Lévignac-de-Guyenne, there is the Camping Parc Saint-Vincent
  • A good restaurant ? Further east, there is Moneton and le ô xiii clochers, it also offers a super view on the countryside.




We wish you a great holiday in the Pays de Lauzun ! See you soon !

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